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Production and Operations Management

 Production and Operations Management

1. Introduction to Production Management

2. Production System and Sub Systems

3. Scope of Operations Management

4. Historical Evolution of Production and Operations Management

5. Work-Study, Method Study and Work Measurement

6. Production Management and Strategic Management System

7. Production Planning and Contol

8. Production Planning: Estimating and Routing

9. Production Planning: Scheduling and Loading

10. Production Control Functions

11. Product Design: Process and Features

12. Process Design

13. Types of Production Process

14. Advancements in Production Technology

15. Plant Layout

16. Types of Plant Layout

17. Line Balancing

18. Plant Location

19. Quality Management

20. Quality Management Techniques

21. Quality Tools for Process Improvement

22. Quality Control and Statistical Quality Control

23. Statistical Quality Control: The Mean Chart

24. Statistical Quality Control: The Range Chart

25. Materials Planning and Control

26 Inventory Management and Techniques

27. Maintenance Management

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