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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Interview; Types, Objectives & Prerequisites

An interview is generally a structured form of conversation where one participant asks questions with specific objectives and the other provides answers. An interview is a conversation between two people; the interviewer and the interviewee, where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee. Interviews may range from unstructured interview with no predetermined plan and prearranged questions to highly structured conversations with specific questions in a specified order
Objectives of the interview
To analyze the overall personality of the candidate
To know the ability of the candidate to perform the required job or not
To know the skills and attributes which are mentioned in the resume.
To know the attitude and additional skills, strength and the weakness of the candidate
Types of Interviews 
Face-To-Face Interview:  The main concept of the interview is to meet the candidate directly to understand the attitude and aptitude of the candidate. The interviewee may utilize the opportunity to build rapport with the interviewer and show how the qualifications will benefit the organization.
Behavioral Interview: The modern behavioral interview which is also called a competency-based interview is based on the notion that a candidate's previous behaviors are the best indicators of future performance, where the interviewer tries to know the reaction of candidate in the previous specific job contexts.
Electronic Interview: Electronic interview is the interview through means of electronic conversation such as telephone or online video communication. The electronic interview is preferred when the interviewer wants to reduce the  number of prospective candidates before shortlisting for face to- face  interviews, to avoid a long-distance traveling, or to know the electronic communication skills of the candidate for some specific jobs like customer support.
Panel Interview: Panel Interview is where a selection committee is appointed for interviewing the candidate. Essentially, Panel Interview is conducted for recruitment to the key posts, where the members of the panel collectively rate and select the candidate.
Stress Interview: Stress interview is conducted to know the reaction of the candidate to aggressive, embarrassing, rude and insulting situations. The main objective of the stress interview to know the ability of the candidate to work under pressure.
Technical Interview: Technical interview is conducted to know the technical skill, problem-solving skill and creativity of the candidate.
Prerequisites for Interviewee:
  • Confirm place, date and time of the interview.
  • Keep multiple copies of the resume, credentials, and photos. 
  • Practice good verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Practice on an impressive self-introduction, your experience, ability, and skills and frequently asked questions.
  • Dress well.
  • Punctuality.
  • Research the company and position.
  • Clarify your suitability to the organization
  • Recall your past achievements. 
  • Presence of mind.
  • Express confidence in Body Language: Keep proper eye contact, relax, smile, avoid one-word answers and make your answers simple and honest.
  • Substantiate the arguments along with the evidence in the resume.
  • Practice negotiation skills.
  • Don't appear desperate
  • Ask questions
Preparation for Conducting the Interview:
  • Review the job.
  • Set the stage.
  • Review the applicant’s resume.
  • Introduce yourself. 
  • Start with generalized questions. 
  • Ask some consistent questions. 
  • Vary your questions.
  • Give candidates a chance to ask questions.
  • Provide a timeline

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