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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Group Discussion; Components and Strategies

Group discussion refers to a communicative situation where its all participants are allowed to share and exchange their views, information and opinions about a topic, issue or situation among the members of a group. Group Discussion is a variant of personality Test for evaluating several candidates simultaneously which helps to shortlist candidates for the final interview.
Components of Group Discussion:
1. Personality Manifestation: Personality manifestation includes;
- Positive factors such as Smartness, Cheerfulness, Enthusiasm, Keenness, and Curiosity.
- Negative factors such as Shyness, Sluggishness, Diffidence and Timidity
2. Communication skills: Communication skills include;
- Positive factors such as Fluency, Clarity, Logicality Coherence, and Effectiveness
- Negative factors such as Incoherence, Muteness, Fumbling and Aggressiveness
3. Knowledge: Knowledge dimension includes;
 -Positive factors such as Depth, Range, Analytical ability, Coordination of thoughts
- Negative factors such as Ignorance, Lack of ideas, Superficiality, Mental poverty, and Analytical
4. Leadership: Leadership dimension includes;
-Positive factors such as Initiative, Tolerance, Team spirit, Persuasiveness, Decisiveness & Flexibility
- Negative factors such as Intolerance, Unfriendliness, Selfishness, Rigidity, and Indecisiveness
Strategies for Success in GD 
1. Be Assertive: Be direct and honest and don’t hurt other's self-respect. Keep appropriate eye contact and body posture.
2. Be a patient Listener: Listening to others is a way of showing appreciation.
3. Right Language: choose appropriate words and friendly tone during the discussion.
4. Be Analytical and Fact Oriented: Present an argument with the support of the evidence. Never present a vague or unclear argument.
5. Accept Criticism: The criticism must be viewed positively; if the criticism is true; appreciate the person, if it is not true; point out politely.
6. Maximize Participation: Contribute completely, enthusiastically, and progressively throughout the discussion.  The silence during Group Discussion indicates a lack of initiative, information, and communication skill.
7. Respect others:  It is impolite to laugh and comment on others' ignorance or inability; Instead encourage others to present their views and ideas.
8. Show Leadership Ability: Persuade others to present their ideas enthusiastically, bind the group together and motivate all to participate actively.
9. Be Precise: Express ideas precisely and exactly without lagging and presenting irrelevant matters.
10. Be amongst the first three to speak up.
11. Sum up the discussion briefly in the end

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