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Monday, April 6, 2020

Electronic Mail; Process & Etiquette

Electronic mail (email) is a method of exchanging information between people using electronic devices.
Process of writing a professional email :
  1. Complete the to/from/ subject information
  2. Share your purpose in the first or second sentence.
  3. Keep the format and text plain and simple to avoid a garbled transmission.
  4. Write with clarity, effectiveness, and courtesy.
  5. Include all the background information, project details or request specifics so the recipient understands your expectations.
  6. Review the content of your message for sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy issues
  7. Send
Example of a Professional Email (Reference: Wikimail)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email: 
  • Fast and easy delivery for official business
  • Can reach many readers at one time
  • Users can save/print a clear hard copy
  • Can be forwarded to another reader clearly
  • Eliminates unnecessary paper works
  • Not completely secure and confidential
  • No real original hard copy with signature for confirming authenticity
  • The format is often lost in recipients' copy.
  • No personalized communication
Professional email writing Etiquettes:
  1. Write an accurate, clear and short subject line
  2. Use a professional email address.
  3. Write your message. Keep it to the point.
  4. Confirm and cross-check the content and attachments before sending; check the capital letters, punctuation, spelling and basic grammar.
  5. Write professional salutations. .
  6. Write exclamation and unofficial symbols rarely.
  7. Avoid unwanted humor.
  8. Write differently to people from different cultural backgrounds.
  9. Reply to the emails; unless it is a spam mail or ‘don’t reply’ mails.
  10. Keep your fonts classic.
  11. Maintain the confidentiality of the information.
  12. Use positive words throughout the mail
  13. Comprise a signature block.
Major Email Service Providers:

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