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Monday, April 6, 2020

Business Report; The significance and Structure

A Business Report is a document where the information is presented in an organized format with a specific objective to a specific audience. Even though summaries of business reports usually be delivered orally, complete reports are often in the form of written documents.
In modern business scenarios, business reports have a key role in the innovation and development of the business. Business Reports are the backbone of problem-solving, creative decision making, product development and innovation, and quality management practices.  
The significance of the reports includes:
  • Reports present complete information on various departments of the business.
  • The skills and knowledge of human resources are communicated through reports.
  • The top line management depends on the business reports for decision making.
  • An efficient and balanced report helps in problem solving.
  • Reports present the planning, policies and other developments of the organization to the public
The Structure of the Business Report:
  • Title Page: The title page includes an informative title, the name of the author, and the date.
  • Summary: The brief summary includes the objectives, the methodology of the study, the findings of the report, and the recommendations.
  • Table of Contents: The table of contents include details of chapters and sub-chapters.
  • Introduction: The introduction includes the background, the problem statement, objectives of the study and Industry and company profile.
  • Methodology: The methodology includes the data details, data collection methods, tools, and procedures, and data analysis.
  • Findings: The findings include the presentation of information derived from the study; both statistical and non-statistical information. Various methods of presenting information, such as tabular and graphical methods should be applied.
  • Conclusions: the conclusions include recommendations and suggestions from the study which is to be taken for further consideration based on the business reports.
  • References: it includes the sources of data and information used in the report.
  • Appendices: it includes supporting materials such as survey tools, raw data, etc.

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