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Monday, April 6, 2020

Business Meeting; Importance and Rules

A business meeting an assembly of people for a particular business purpose, especially for formal discussion. A meeting offers opportunities for exchanging information, suggestions, and proposals for taking discussions and instant feedback.
Why Business Meeting is Important:
To share information
To develop alternative strategies
To discuss various business issues
To eliminate workplace misconceptions
To explain business concepts and ideas
To settle and finalize business plans and strategies
To review the performance
Golden Rules for Business meetings
A meeting should be organized only when it is essential
Place, Date and Time schedule should be specifically mentioned
Agenda and sub agenda of the meeting should be clear and specific
The time limit should be fixed for each item of the agenda and sub agenda
All the required participants should be informed about the meeting, the notice should be sent to make useful contributions.
The discussion of the meeting should be summarized
Action-oriented meeting proceedings should be prepared and circulated among participants.
The meeting should be closed on a pleasant message. 


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