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Monday, February 24, 2020

Types of Communication; Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

The communication can be divided into two types broadly; verbal and nonverbal communication.
Verbal Communication:
Verbal communication is to exchange information with other people using auditory language. Verbal communication comprises sounds, words, or speaking.
The verbal Communication is two types:
Oral Communication:
Oral Communication is the exchange of ideas, information and message through spoken words.  The efficiency of oral communication is determined by the tone, volume, and pitch of one's voice.
Written Communication:
Written Communication is the exchange of message, opinions and information in written or printed form.
Non-Verbal Communication:
Non-verbal communication is the exchange of idea from one person to another person through non-verbal or visual signals. The Non-verbal communication includes body movement, gestures, facial expressions, timing, touch, and anything else that communicates without speaking.
Merits of Oral Communication
Easy communication
Instant feedback
Facility for informal communication
Demerits of Oral Communication
Lack of proof
Lack of authenticity
Merits of written communication:
Proof for future reference
Communication to distance places
Demerits of written communication
Overemphasis on formalization
Lack of secrecy

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