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Monday, February 24, 2020

Communication Network; Formal & Informational Networks

A communication network is defined as the shape of directions in which information passes in an organization. The networks through which information passes can be categorized as formal networks or informal networks. Formal networks are communication flow that follows the authority chain and are used for job-related communications. The informal network which also known as grapevine is the flow of communication which is free to pass in any direction and is mostly used to satisfy group members' social needs.
Formal network
It is based on formal relationships
The channels of communication are prescribed
It is rigid as deviations are not allowed
The speed of message travel is slow because of formalization
It is treated as authentic
Informal network
It emerges out of social interactions among the people
Channels of communication depend on the individual’s relationships
It is quite flexible because nothing is prescribed
Message travels faster
Messages are often distorted
It is not authentic even if the message is correct
Patterns of Formal Network:

E. Free Flow Pattern

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