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Monday, November 18, 2019

Conflict and Conflict Management

Conflict refers to the mismatched interests that result in a clash.
Views of Conflict
Traditional view of conflict - the view that all conflict is bad and must be avoided.
Human relations view of conflict - the view that conflict is natural and inevitable the outcome in any group
Interactionist view of conflict - the view that some conflict is necessary for a group to perform effectively.
Types of Conflicts
Task conflict - conflicts over content and goals of the work.
Relationship conflict - conflict based on interpersonal relationships.
Process conflict - conflict over how work gets done.
Functional conflicts - conflicts that support a group’s goals and improve their performance.
Dysfunctional conflicts - conflicts that prevent a group from achieving its goals.
Conflict management
Conflict management is the process of reducing the negative dimensions of conflict while maximizing the positive dimensions of the conflict. The purpose of conflict management is to improve learning and group outcomes in an organizational setting.
Conflict Management Techniques
Conflict management includes the reduction, elimination, or termination of unhealthy forms of conflicts in the organization. Five styles for conflict management have been identified by Thomas and Kilmann; they are: competing, compromising, collaborating, avoiding, and accommodating.

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