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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Work Specialization and Chain of Command

Work Specialization
Work specialization which is generally known as division of work is the degree to which tasks in the organization are subdivided into separate jobs and are completed by a different person.  
Functions of work specialization/ Division of labor
Offers effective use of skills of employees
Increases employee skills through repetition and specialization
Increases productivity
Encourages specialized training to maximize efficiency
Encourages use of specialized technology.
Chain of Command
Chain of the command is the unbroken line of authority that ranges from the top to the lowest levels of the organization and explains who reports to whom.
Elements of Chain of Command
Unity of Command
Authority: While ‘Power’ is the ability to get things done by others, or make things happen the way you want them to happen; Authority is a type of power which a person enjoys because of the formal position he occupies. Authority is the formal rights which are integral to a managerial position for assigning tasks to subordinates.  Influence is the personal ability to lead others towards specific goals with mutual consent.
Responsibility: Responsibility is the obligation or expectation of an individual to perform any assigned duties in a desired manner.  Responsibility is the duty to accomplish a task successfully, following the orders and norms, assigned by the senior or established by one's own commitment.
Unity of command: Unity of command is concept that a person should have one boss and should report only to that person. Authority and responsibility should be clearly defined with unity of command. 

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