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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Span of Control

The span of the control is the number of subordinates a manager can efficiently and effectively direct.
Factors affecting the span of control 
There is no generally applicable optimum span of control. The suitable span of control has to be selected based on the following factors and the manageability of the organization:
Geographical dispersion
Capability of workers
Capability of boss
Similarity of task
Volume of other tasks
Required administrative tasks

Feature of Wide Span of Control (Flat Organization Structure)
The higher level of delegation. 
Improved communication speed and quality
Reduced costs as fewer managers are required
Over managerial workload
Higher role confusion
Features of Narrow Span of Control (Tall Organizational Structure)
Rapid communication
Easier to control/manage
The greater degree of specialization
Lengthy decision-making process
Very costly

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