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Monday, September 23, 2019

Technology and Advancements in production technology

Technology is the sum of techniques, methods, skills, and processes used to produce goods and services and to accomplish the objectives.  Systems which apply technology by receiving an input, altering it, and then manufacturing the outcome is known as technological systems.
Technology is often a consequence of engineering and science. Advanced production technology is the application of the latest scientific and engineering discoveries to the design of production and operations processes.
Primary Areas of Technology
Product technology: Product technology is to use and apply design features and specification of the form of product in order to attain optimum performance.
Process technology: Process technology refers to the means and application of various methods, techniques, machines, and resources to make and deliver products with the attainment of specified product features.
Information technology: Information technology refers to the use of information technology to acquire, process and transmit information to make effective decisions.
Design technology: Design technology refers to the tools and techniques used for designing better, cheaper and more rapidly designed products.
Advancements in production technology:
Numerically controlled machines and computer numerically controlled machines
Vision system (Automated Inspection Systems)
Automated Flow Lines
Automated Assembly Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Design.

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