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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Production Planning: Scheduling and Loading

3. Scheduling:
Scheduling is the process of fixing priorities for each job and deciding the starting time and finishing time for each operation. Scheduling is the activity of fixing the time table for starting dates and finishing dates of production functions.

Scheduling is prepared using Gantt Chart  which is expressed in a series of horizontal lines which show the work priorities and timelines
Elements of scheduling:
·         Demand forecast
·         Production plan
·         Master production schedule
·         Priority planning
·         Capacity planning
·         Facility loading or machine loading
·         Evaluation of workload
·         Sequencing
4. Loading:
       Loading is the process of converting operation schedules into practice in which specific jobs are assigned to machines, men or work centers based on relative priorities and capacity utilization.
       Loading is important to avoid either overloading or underloading the facilities, work centers or machines to ensure maximum utilization of resources.
Objectives of Loading:
·         Reduce waiting time for jobs to be loaded on the machines.
·         Balance workload with available machine and labor capacity.
·         Reduce idle time of men and machines.
·         Increase the efficiency of utilization of the plant capacity.

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