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Monday, August 26, 2019

Production Planning: Estimating and Routing

1.       Estimating:
Estimating is the process of deciding the number of products to be produced and cost involved in it based on the sales forecast.
Estimating manpower, machine capacity and materials required to meet the planned production targets are the key activities before budgeting for resources.
2.       Routing:
This is the process of determining the sequence of operations be performed in the production process.
Routing determines what work must be done where and how?
Route sheet:
A route sheet is a document providing information and instruction for converting the raw materials into finished parts or products. It defines each step of the operations and lays down the precise path or route through which the product will flow during the conversion process.

Route sheets contain the following information:
·         The operations required and their desired sequence.
·         Machine to be used to each operation.
·         Estimated setup time and operation time per piece (standard time)
·         Tools, jigs, and fixtures required for the operation.
·         Detailed drawings of parts, subassemblies and final assemblies.
·         Inspection procedure and tools required for inspection.
·         Packing and handling instructions

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