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Monday, August 26, 2019

Production Planning and Control

The production process includes a sequence of operations that transform raw materials from a given form to the desired form of outputs.
To achieve this basic objective of production and operations management, it applies production planning and control functions which are the management tools that coordinate all manufacturing activities.
Production planning and control is the process of planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling the firm’s facilities to achieve the predetermined production objectives at the right time, at the right cost, at the right quantity, and at the right quality.

Objectives of Production Planning and Control
1. To confirm the effective use of all resources.
2. To effectively manage labor, machines, and various supporting departments.
3. To reduce idle time in the production cycle time
4. To retain optimum inventory levels
5. To assure flexibility in manufacturing operations.
6. To prepare production schedules and ensure the product is completed at right time.
7. The ultimate objective is to deliver the required quality in the required quantities to the customer in the required delivery schedule to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and minimum possible cost.

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