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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Production Management and Strategic Management System

Production Management and Strategic Management System

Production management has great role in planning, developing and implementing strategic decisions of an organization. To achieve strategic competitive advantage, it is mandatory that production department should be involved in all strategic decision making process of the organization.

The major roles of production management in the strategic management system of an organization is as follows:
  1. To take part in strategic decision making and implementation of the company
  2. To improve production process and productivity
  3. To remove lag in implementation of new product and new projects
  4. To follow adequate measures to protect environment
  5. To find out and adopt advanced technologies on time
  6. To update the plant and location related strategies
  7. To Select, develop and retain efficient people in the production department
  8. To maintain good industrial relations
  9. To control the budget
  10. Supply chain management


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