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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Objectives of Management

1. Organizational objectives: 
 Management is expected to work for the achievement of the objectives of the organization in which it exists.
 Organizational objectives include:
Reasonable profits so as to give a fair return on the capital invested in the business
Survival and solvency of the business, i.e., continuity.
Growth and expansion of the enterprise
    2. Personal objectives: 
    An organization consists of several persons who have their own objectives. These objectives are:
Fair remuneration for work performed
Reasonable working conditions
Opportunities for training and development
   3. Social objectives:
   Management is not only the representative of the owners and workers but is also responsible for the various groups outside the organization. It is expected to fulfill the objectives of the society which are given below:
Quality of goods and services at fair price to consumers.
Honest and prompt payment of taxes to the Government.
Conservation of environment and natural resources.

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