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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Management Skills

In modern business the job management has become very difficult. Several skills are required to manage successfully a large organization in a dynamic environment. These skills of managers have been classified into four categories, namely technical, human, diagnostic and conceptual skills.

1. Technical Skills:
 Technical skills refer to the ability and knowledge in using the equip-ment, technique and procedures involved in performing specific tasks. These skills require specialised knowledge and proficiency in the mechanics of particular job.

2. Human Skills:
 Human skills consists of the ability to work effectively with other people both as individual and as members of a group. 

3. Conceptual Skills:
 Conceptual skills comprise the ability to see the whole organisation and the interrelationships between its parts. These skills refer to the ability to visualise the entire picture or to consider a situation in its totality. 

4. Diagnostic Skills:
 Diagnostic skills include the ability to determine by analysis and examination the nature and circumstances of particular conditions.

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